Who We Are...

NAW is a grass roots organisation of local residents who are very concerned with the negative effects of the proposed Ardtaraig Windfarm. As a local non-political organisation it seeks to educate and inform the community about the impact this proposed development will have. NAW is funded entirely by local residents who are very concerned about the devastation such a project would have on one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of Scotland.

NAW also seeks to highlight other very serious concerns that Infinergy and Ardtaraig Estate seem intent on overlooking – the harm such a project will cause to our health, environment, home values and community. We believe in fact and evidence based analysis. We provide evidence and research for our claims and comments but do appreciate that no matter what evidence we provide it will be refuted by the Windfarm developers. We believe that the proposed Ardtaraig Windfarm also contravenes several Scottish policy requirements this project is required to conform to.

Infinergy is an aggressive Windfarm developer that brooks no opposition and has the money and influence to advance its interests. Their divide and conquer strategy is well known. This is without doubt a David and Goliath struggle, but we believe in democracy, we believe in facts, and we believe in protecting our community and environment.

We are incredibly grateful for the support of hundreds of local residents who have signed our petition. We have also received support from people around the world including Canada, America, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands – who have visited our beautiful land and seek to support our cause.

We thank you all for your support and feel free to contact us by email: info@www.naw.scot or call our hotline: 01369 54 54 56.

Reg MacDonald – Colbruach – Volunteer Coordinator

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