The Windfarm industry like the tobacco industry, has and continues to deny that windfarms cause any serious health problems despite ongoing, CREDIBLE and CLEAR scientific evidence from medical experts that windfarms cause serious health problems.

People living within 10 miles ( 16 km) and closer to wind turbines can develop:

– Tinnitus​​​
– Tachycardia (irregular heart beat)
– Vertigo/Dizziness​​
– Nausea
– Panic/Stress Attacks​​
– Visual Blurring
– Migraines
– ​​​Muscle Spasms
– Sleep Deprivation​​
– Nose Bleeds

However the most IMPORTANT health hazard of all relates to LOW FREQUENCY NOISE

This refers to the infrasonic and ultrasonic vibrations and give rise to WIND TURBINE SYNDROME (“WTS”).

What you need to know is this:

1. Low frequency noise and pulses spread over huge distances without being damped down by surrounding barriers whether natural or unnatural.   They permeate anything solid whether buildings, or hills.

2. The larger the wind turbine the greater the low frequency noise they produce.   This is one reason why large wind turbines are so dangerous.

3. More and more communities, councils, medical experts and governments are requesting or developing moratoriums on ONSHORE wind farm development.   Germany, Denmark and France are all taking steps to ensure that all future windfarm development is OFFSHORE.   Why?   Because of the massive short and long term effects on peoples’ health; the potential devaluation of government property tax base and the likelihood for huge government and industry compensation, as a result of class action lawsuits, for the harm caused.