Windfarm developments can have a huge negative effect on communities.
Here’s why:

The windfarm developers divide and conquer:

– They minimise the real negative effects of the development – whether it be health, environmental degradation or property devaluation;

– They ‘bribe’ local communities and isolate the residents who are most affected by the development.  They pit those who are affected more against those who are affected less.

In respect of the Cruach Mor windfarm, the developers pitted the community of Glendaruel (most effected) against the community of Colintraive (less effected). This is unfair, unethical and leads to the divisions between these communities.

– It’s all part of their divide and conquer approach.

– If Infinergy operates the way it does – it will build the proposed windfarm – then sell it – they are not interested in our community.

Your health, environment and property values are MORE IMPORTANT than another windfarm in your area.   DON’T BE “BRIBED”.    There is no price on your or your neighbours’ health.