NAW : No Ardtaraig Windfarm

Ardtaraig Estate & Infinergy have teamed up to build 7 MONSTER wind turbines, over 400ft in height!

Damage to our Health

We will explain the huge impact on health that these windfarms will have on YOU…Don’t think for a minute that just because they may not be located next to you…that you won’t be affected by them…life will never be the same. We examine facts and figures on this site so you can inform yourself of what this means for us all – now and in the future.

Damage to our Property Values

We don’t need this area destroyed at the expense of others. We don’t understand why we should suffer economically when the multi-million pound Ardtaraig Estate of 15,000 acres – owned by millionaires and family trusts will devalue adjacent properties, and most importantly……

Damage to our Environment

This project will lead to the destruction of pristine upper moorland, and this area as a habitat for unique fauna and flora, currently visited by hillwalkers and wildlife observers alike. Thousands upon thousands of tons of road materials will be required to construct a road network for the turbines on the site.

Damage to our Community

Windfarm developments can have a huge negative effect on communities. Our community DESERVES BETTER than another windfarm in your area. “DON’T BE “BRIBED”.

Send Your Objection To:

1. Department of Planning and Environmental Appeals:


Attn: Colin Bell – Ref: PPA-130-2073


2. Your local MSP and MP

MSP’s –

MP –

Please donate to our GoFundMe campaign to help us fund our planning consultant for the appeal:


"Significant scenic damage to an area whose prosperity depends on tourism."
John Moran
"This is an extremely worthwhile petition. So many people do not understand the health hazards of low-resonance syndrome. The scientific evidence throughout the world is available for anyone who wishes to take the time to access it and read it. I have access to some of that evidence and invite anyone who is interested in reading it to contact me. Already in the UK people are reporting symptoms relating to wind-turbine syndrome within 5 kilometres of the wind turbine site.."
Dr. Sylvia Anne Hoskins
"Ugly is as ugly does and Scotland needs no more ugly! Invest in Scotland for the good of Scotland not for the betterment of outsiders. Too many have used us in the past, it is time to stand proud and choose what is right for Scotland and the Scottish people this is not right for Scotland or its people."
Catherine Crichton
"This destruction of the natural world is continuous by unscrupulous people whose objective is solely material gain. It is imperative that it is stopped by people with moral integrity."
Barbara Crawford Howson
"Windfarms are NOT the green energy solution they are purported to be and are not what our planet needs - e.g. the concrete bases last about 15 years, then have to be replaced.
Windfarms do not provide sufficient energy for our electrical needs (increasing each year with new technological gadgets, to say nothing of electric cars) and those who say they do are, at best, misleading the public and, at worst, lying to the public.
Windfarms are an eyesore, replacing the beauty of nature with huge, concrete bases. It is all about money, of course, but do the people involved have no conscience whatsoever? Already, we have seen record numbers of floods in the UK and replacing the natural environment, i.e. soil, with these man-made structures only exacerbates the problem."
Joyce Cunningham
"Don't ruin on of the most beautiful places in the world!"
Pieter Noordanus
"Argyll has some of the most spectacular vistas in Scotland - we should not allow any further destruction of our natural habitat."
Margaret Logan
"Proposal contrary to Argyll and Bute Local Development Plan and wildlife interests, in particular raptors. Visually detrimental to the surrounding and wider landscape."
Brian Close
"Cannot help but agree more. Notwithstanding the potential health and property value issues the reality of the absolute ugliness and visual pollution which these represent is more than enough reason that this undertaking be blocked...they really are unacceptable from various standpoints. As highlighted the health implications which are never mentioned or aired must be evident to any who may have stopped close to them.
The incessant low frequency rumbling and constant whoosh-whoosh experienced as the blades are turning must be extremely negative to your health, both physical and mental, if you are going to be living close, or exposed to these on a permanent or long term basis.
Thomas D Lewis


November 11, 2019 | FACTS


On November 7, 2019 the DPEA dismissed Infinergy’s appeal and refused planning permission. We are very grateful for this decision
September 19, 2019 | FACTS

DPEA to make a decision in November

Hello everybody. Just to let you know that the DPEA is still reviewing the Infinergy Appeal and expects to make
July 24, 2019 | FACTS


THANK YOU to everybody who donated to us and helped fund our campaign, both via GoFundMe and pr

Contact Your Local Councillors and Politicians and Let Them Know Your Views:

MP Brendan O’Hara
T: 0207 219 8783
MSP Michael Russell
T: 01369 702 011
Jim Anderson
T: 01369 708 655
Audrey E Forrest
T: 01369 707 318
Bobby Good
T: 01369 708 676
Yvonne McNeilly
T: 01369 708 479
William Gordon Blair
T: 07585 127 187
Alan Reid
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